How is my personalization going to appear?

Each ornament is hand-written by one of our employees, making it unique and special for each of our customers. We have used computer-generated text in some of our pictures to demonstrate names and dates. Due to length of name, ornament positioning, and artistic style we cannot guarantee that it will look exactly the same as the samples. We will work with each item to make sure the text is both alluring and centered correctly.

Can I upload pictures to an ornament or change its appearance?

Each ornament is as shown on the website. We can not alter it except through personalization. We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

What is the earliest delivery date for your products?

It is our goal to deliver your product as quickly as possible. Product availability and type of personalization may factor into delivery time. You will be provided an estimated delivery date during the checkout process.

When writing a plural name, should I include an apostrophe?

No. The apostrophe followed  by an s at the end of a name has an alternate meaning in most cases.
Here are a couple of examples for clarification:

  • Instead of “The Carson’s”, it would simply be “The Carsons”.
Instead of “The Smiths’ Family”, you would use “The Smith Family”.

Can I change the name or spelling after I have made an order?

No. Due to the nature of our products and volume of sales, we are unable to change a product after the order has been received. It is important to check all spelling and quantities before submitting payment. We are not liable for any spelling mistakes once the order has been submitted.
If you realize you have made a spelling mistake upon receiving of product, please contact us at info@ornamentworkshop.com. We will work with you to make arrangements for correction in most cases. Shipping will be covered by the customer in these cases. Also be aware that we cannot offer a refund for products that cannot be changed due to other factors.

What if the ornament is broken or damaged?

If your item arrives damaged, please take a photo and send us an email at info@ornamentworkshop.com. It is important to do this as quickly as possible so we can investigate the issue.
We will work with you to replace the damaged item when applicable. Please keep in mind that there are reasons we will not offer a replacement, such as:

  • Personalization form was filled out incorrectly (name/number)
The item(s) was no longer needed.
  • Alterations made outside of our assistance.
Other circumstances at our discretion.

How do I care/store my ornament?

Our ornaments, if handled correctly, will last for a long time. Hand oils can smudge or smear the ink over time. Wrap in acid-free tissue paper or towels and avoid moisture by storing in airtight containers.

How can I update my cookie preferences?

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